Monday, June 15, 2009

Highlands Great Wall

Date: Friday, June 12, 2009
Time: Approx. 12:00pm
Location: Lincoln, NE
Restaurant: Highlands Great Wall
Overall Rating: 3.2

Egg Roll: 3
Food Quality: 4
Price: 4
Atmosphere: 2
Service: 3

I went to the Highlands Great Wall for lunch with Andrea last Friday. This is a fast food Chinese place. However, the food quality is WAY better than ordinary fast food. The Egg Roll was a little better than average. It had chicken in it and the cabbage pieces were small and well cooked, which I really like. The food was hot when it came out. You order at the counter and they bring it to you. The people were friendly. Felt a bit rushed when ordering (good thing I knew exactly what I wanted), but that's to be expected at noonish. The Cashew Chicken was really good! They used full cashews in just the right amount. The sauce was typical for that dish, sweet and salty together. The vegetables were cooked just right and the chicken was a typical chinese consistency. It was even great cold, which is how I ate the leftovers for dinner that night. Don't judge if you haven't tried it...I would eat any Chinese food cold! I tried a couple bites of Andrea's dish - Vegetables in a Garlic Sauce. It was excellent. I could tell they use fresh vegetables.

The portions were what you'd expect for an American restaurant, HUGE. I ordered a medium portion size and had more than enough for dinner that night too. Andrea had a large size and the rice had to be served on a separate plate. She gave me her leftovers (that's a good friend) and I can attest that it was great cold as well when I ate it for dinner Saturday night! This was been such a great Chinese Food week! The price was right on for the portion sizes. Each of our dishes were $7. Worth it when you can definitely get two meals out of it, or stuff yourself to the brim in one meal. So overall, the numbers average out to 3.2, but for simplicity sake I give it a 3. I would absolutely recommend this place if you are on the West side of town, in a rush but still want some excellent Chinese cuisine.

Fortune: "Products are merely physical expressions of ideas."


Anonymous said...

Yes! I made the blog! BTW, I don't think those clowns gave me a fortune cookie. Or I ate it while on autopilot...happens more than I should admit... :)

James said...

Another excellent review. I will definitely have to try this place out some time over lunch. Can't wait to see where you choose next.

Veronica, Egg Roll Queen said...

I actually didn't get a fortune cookie either. I've just happened to save all my fortunes over the years and now have a jar full of them. That's where I got this fortune. Pulled one right out of the fortune jar! I think I've really been meant to do this blog my whole life.

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