Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Background & Mission

Some of you may be wondering who in the world would dedicate a blog to the love of Chinese food. For all of my fellow Chinese food lovers...no need to explain. Since I can remember my favorite food has been the egg roll. Some of my greatest childhood memories with family and friends have been around a bowl of moo goo gai pan, an egg roll (or two) and a crab rangoon. I'm almost positive I came out of the womb with an egg roll in hand. Although my mom cannot confirm. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I've driven 50 miles one way, just to taste one more time the best egg roll in my opinion.

So for fun, I made it a goal this year to visit all the Chinese food restaurants in Lincoln, Nebraska and share my experiences with the world (or maybe just my close friends). My mission is to do the dirty work for you when it comes to the best Chinese food in Lincoln, NE, and from time to time, around the country. For I hate nothing more than to waste money on a bad dish of cashew chicken. I vow to be fair in my ratings and diligent in the pursuit of the best overall meal and egg roll in town. You can rest assure I have over 20 years of experience in this field of study. My taste buds are well trained and my eye for sweet & sour quality, superb.

I dedicate this pursuit to my parents, who have always supported my love for Chinese food. Taking me out for nearly every birthday and even a Thanksgiving or two. And to my best Chinese food eating buddy, Bethany. She kept the passion alive and drove that 50 miles with me!

Keep a look-out for my next blog about the rating system and method of critic.


James said...

I agree completely. Really love your descriptions of the experience. You have a knack for writing. Hope Oprah notices if she ever comes to Lincoln and wants Chinese food!

fife2001 said...

I love crab rangoons, I will be waiting for the verdict to find the best ones in town since Taste of China closed.

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